Photo Today: Street Art

This. Why can’t I find more random things like this throughout this city?

Photo Today: 14/365

Photo Today: 11/365

Photo Today: City Hall

10/365. Though the weather isn’t great, and while this city bears no semblance to “brotherly love”, Philly’s true allure originates from its historical roots. I really enjoy exploring areas I have yet to canvas and discovering these intricately dated structures. Living in Center City and having a city hall building that looks like this is […]

Photo Today: Scrapple

West Coast friends, You don’t know what you’re missing till you’ve had some scrapple. Granted, it’s not like everyone in Philly is a fan of it, but I certainly am.

Photo Today: Brick Wall

8/365. Inspiration and the lack thereof is a universal experience. When you hit a brick wall, try something new to meet a new muse.

Photo Today: Foundations

The temperature and the wind chill today though was no joke, so I wasn’t even out long enough to do any extensive practicing. But I’m glad I still made the effort. Today I bring you a photo of one of the hundreds of thousands of interesting structures in my city taken on my trusty Canon […]

Photo Today: Sound of the Police

When I lived in San Jose, I honestly heard sirens left and right. I never knew whether they were mostly emergency vehicles or actual police, but you always heard them while living in the East Side. Surprisingly, living in Philadelphia is a different story. While there is a large police presence (and that might be […]

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