Drake: The Shadow of Success

I honestly think this photo of Drake is one of my stronger artistic pieces and I am upset his people have yet to contact me about it. On May 14, 2010 the University of California San Diego held their annual Sun God Festival, to which I was invited to photograph for. Drake was the headliner that year […]

“B.o.B” Bobby Ray x UC San Diego x Sun God

“B.o.B.” Bobby Ray has an infectious stage personality and gave me a run for my money when he hopped off stage to work the crowd. This is why he has his own post. Unlike the other artists during the Sun God festival, B.o.B. really made an effort to engage his fans, and I was really appreciative of […]

Sun God x Relient K x Michelle Branch x Thrice

In the Drake post I mentioned how I landed a sweet gig photographing for the Sun God festival at the University of California San Diego. Here are the other images with Relient K, Michelle Branch, and Thrice. I decided to split them up into a separate post because of how differently things progressed that evening. […]

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