Photo by Robert Dahey

My name is Kyle, a California event and music photojournalist currently residing in Philadelphia. Rather than having a profound, pseudo intellectual rationale to my craft, I simply approach my work with the same modus operandi of a Pokemon Master: by giving each encounter my all whether or not I’m guaranteed a capture. Therefore my brand of photography is imperfect and must adapt to the unexpected opportunities that can never be revisited. As such, throughout my portfolio I discuss these experiences, my methods, recount my successes, and lament missed opportunities in blog form with miscellaneous personal recollections from behind the scenes.

What is Art of Sölven?

Sölven is an Icelandic word for “solver” that a friend and I completely made up on accident. The word initially manifested from our partnership–a fusion of our two pseudonyms. The umlaut, or the diacritical over the “o” was purely designated to make our name look European. Surprisingly, it has since defined my photographic methods accurately. I have very little control over the subjects and environments I am tasked with photographing. I also never formally trained in photography. Hence my portfolio is an ode to adaptation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Contact Information

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