Photo Today: 17/365

Photo Today: 14/365

Photo Today: 11/365

Photo Today: City Hall

10/365. Though the weather isn’t great, and while this city bears no semblance to “brotherly love”, Philly’s true allure originates from its historical roots. I really enjoy exploring areas I have yet to canvas and discovering these intricately dated structures. Living in Center City and having a city hall building that looks like this is […]

Photo Today: Comcast Center

I’ve been in Philly for a couple of months now and still haven’t set foot inside the Comcast Center–I live right by too. Regardless, here’s an obligatory photo of this huge mirrored building.

Photo Advice: Networking

Today I received an inquiry from someone who stumbled upon my portfolio and e-mailed me seeking advice on how to make a breakthrough into event photography. Here’s what he writes: To be honest, I’ve never really received inquiries like this but I felt like publicizing this post for other photographers pursuing a similar line of […]

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