Photo Today: 17/365

Photo Today: 14/365

Photo Today: 11/365

Photo Today: City Hall

10/365. Though the weather isn’t great, and while this city bears no semblance to “brotherly love”, Philly’s true allure originates from its historical roots. I really enjoy exploring areas I have yet to canvas and discovering these intricately dated structures. Living in Center City and having a city hall building that looks like this is […]

Photo Today: Sound of the Police

When I lived in San Jose, I honestly heard sirens left and right. I never knew whether they were mostly emergency vehicles or actual police, but you always heard them while living in the East Side. Surprisingly, living in Philadelphia is a different story. While there is a large police presence (and that might be […]

Photo Today: Freedom

I’m kind of cheating myself for number 5/365 because I couldn’t get out to take a proper photo. But the commitment for this New Year is to just do something creative every day. So today, I went back in time to dig up a photo for the blog. Featured today is a longing I’ve had […]

Photo Today: Snow Problem

Yesterday I bore witness to the heaviest snow storm to hit Philadelphia since I moved here last May. While it’s far from being record breaking, coming from a California native, you might as well have told me we were in Russia about to get snowed in. On a side note, being in a city during […]

Photo Today: Fantasy Tree

I’ve always wondered how people get hired on by National Geographic as I haven’t ever really done landscapes, wildlife, or flora photography. Nature shots seem to have a lot of saturation done to them too, maybe that’s why I was always so bored of the amateur stuff–not enough post processing. When I saw these tree […]

Photo Today: Comcast Center

I’ve been in Philly for a couple of months now and still haven’t set foot inside the Comcast Center–I live right by too. Regardless, here’s an obligatory photo of this huge mirrored building.

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