Photo Today: 11/365

Photo Today: City Hall

10/365. Though the weather isn’t great, and while this city bears no semblance to “brotherly love”, Philly’s true allure originates from its historical roots. I really enjoy exploring areas I have yet to canvas and discovering these intricately dated structures. Living in Center City and having a city hall building that looks like this is such eye candy for me. It never gets old.

Photo Today: Scrapple

West Coast friends,

You don’t know what you’re missing till you’ve had some scrapple. Granted, it’s not like everyone in Philly is a fan of it, but I certainly am.

Photo Today: Brick Wall

8/365. Inspiration and the lack thereof is a universal experience. When you hit a brick wall, try something new to meet a new muse.

Photo Today: Foundations

The temperature and the wind chill today though was no joke, so I wasn’t even out long enough to do any extensive practicing. But I’m glad I still made the effort. Today I bring you a photo of one of the hundreds of thousands of interesting structures in my city taken on my trusty Canon 5D MkII. Day 7/365 of this project and I am starting to recollect those yearnings for formalized photography lessons. It’s hard for me to take my camera out for the sake of practicing compositions on random objects and people. I don’t like forcing myself to see art, when the majority of my work has always been done on-the-fly, on the day of the event. Photography like that just doesn’t appeal to me, which is why today was kind of hard. Regardless, I have made amends with the fact that I’ve missed out on lessons essential to the foundations of photography and hope that my digital knowledge will persevere. What’s important is that you strive to master your craft in some shape or form.


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