Photo Today: 15/365

Another cheat photograph from the archive because I was a little too lazy to get out of the house today.

Photo Advice: Networking

Today I received an inquiry from someone who stumbled upon my portfolio and e-mailed me seeking advice on how to make a breakthrough into event photography. Here’s what he writes: To be honest, I’ve never really received inquiries like this but I felt like publicizing this post for other photographers pursuing a similar line of […]

Brendon Small Dethklok

Dethklok live on the U.S.S Midway

This year marked my third (and last) year as Ambassador of Badass Photography to Adult Swim and Superfly Presents. Though I unfortunately accumulated no free swag, I managed to uphold my penchant for snapping some interesting shots. As a result of the aforementioned interesting shots, I landed myself some phat exposure after Adult Swim included […]

Seth Green, The Humble

When I realized photojournalism was more or less my forté, I made it a goal to emulate the depth of candidness seen in old celebrity LIFE magazine editorials. I envied the opportunities these photographers as many of their portfolios were loaded with a variety of portraits and backstage photos. Each photo was interesting because I […]

Comic Con 2011: My favorite year with Adult Swim, ever

This was probably my most memorable Comic Con experience ever. In 2011 Adult Swim leased out Quality Social in downtown San Diego to host evening events for a limited group of fans and celebrities. During the day, the bar acted as a base of operations for the marketing team from Superfly Presents and was available for […]

Tyrese Gibson: The Art of Thinking On Your Feet

Meeting Tyrese Gibson was probably one of my most frustrating moments as a photographer. Tyrese popped up out of nowhere while I was busy photographing the Adult Swim staff passing out Ben & Jerry’s for fans. At the time I had the wrong lenses mounted on my cameras (my 50mm prime and 80-200mm lenses) and was […]

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