coronado diptych

Under The Bridge: Coronado Diptych

It was in high school that I decided pursuing a career in art wasn’t for me.¬†Throughout my life I always loved drawing: sketching out portraits and coming up with comics. While I excelled in art classes throughout middle school and even at my grade level classes in high school, for some reason I never thought […]

Das Racist: When Marketing Fail At Their Job

When there’s no crowd, there’s no show.¬†I’m not opposed to photographing small venues, especially for interesting shows with well known up-and-comings. However I was left a little underwhelmed throughout the Das Racist performance at UC San Diego, and part of that has to do with the lack of hype generated by the group responsible for […]

Nosaj Thing & Toro y Moi at The Loft

Nosaj Thing (or DJ Bruce Lee as I like to call him) and Toro y Moi were the meekest, shyest performers to ever grace my lens. But on the same token, these two are among the most widely respected producers out there. I was given this opportunity during my brief stint with Art Power at […]

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