Photo Today: 20/365

Photo Today: 18/365

Photo Today: Sound of the Police

When I lived in San Jose, I honestly heard sirens left and right. I never knew whether they were mostly emergency vehicles or actual police, but you always heard them while living in the East Side. Surprisingly, living in Philadelphia is a different story. While there is a large police presence (and that might be […]

Mayer Hawthorne seducing everyone at Union Transfer

Sometimes you just have to put aside being a photographer and enjoy the show–blurry photos or not.¬†Photographers have a hard time with this concept, especially event photographers like myself. We get caught up in our next best photos that we never get to experience events with our own eyes anymore. Mayer Hawthorne’s concert did well […]

Girl Talk: The Energy God

I felt that this warranted it’s own post because of how expressive Gregg “Girl Talk” Gillis is as an artist.¬†Never have I had an artist more energetic during a performance than this guy. Us music photographers already have a tough time trying to make adjustments for our low-light situations. For those of us who can’t […]

Nosaj Thing & Toro y Moi at The Loft

Nosaj Thing (or DJ Bruce Lee as I like to call him) and Toro y Moi were the meekest, shyest performers to ever grace my lens. But on the same token, these two are among the most widely respected producers out there. I was given this opportunity during my brief stint with Art Power at […]

Imogen Heap x Kari Francis

In 2010, my friend Kari Francis was invited to perform with Imogen Heap at Humphrey’s by the Bay in San Diego for her “Earth” project. She had entered a contest via YouTube and when given the news, she invited me to come along as her personal photographer for the event. This was quite the privilege […]

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